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Hmmm. The Chateau Chalon is served with the skate (lunch)/turbot (dinner). The recipe for the morel dish says it a hollandaise, which is how it was described to me: http://www.jean-georges.com/recipes/seasonal/green-asparagus-with-morels-and-asparagus-jus/


ETA: though there could be another variant, or a chateau chalon infused hollandaise.



Huh. It's always been described as asparagus with a vin jaune sauce. In fact, I most-recently had this dish a couple of weeks ago, when it was described as a Chateau Chalon-morel sauce.


(And yes, the turbot - which, I believe is now skate at lunch, as you say - at lunch is traditionally served with Jean-Georges's famous Chateau Chalon sauce as well.)

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I must be easily pleased, or else on a roll, because , with the exception of one duff dish, we had a delightful "Tastes of Spring" lunch at Jean Georges yesterday.   Fahro was so excited at sitting

I'm glad Joe's thread squeezed some of these posts out of people.

People of good will certainly can't go THERE.

the J-G chateau-chalon sauce is a reduction, not an emulsion-y hollandaise-y thing.


There is a separate hollandaise asparagus prep.


I've had both and prefer the c-c personally.


Right, that sauce isn't like a hollandaise (and of course every Chateau Chalon sauce is a vin jaune sauce, but not vice versa).

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