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Is there anybody here|?

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Guest johnboy

Can't you control yourself?


4. Mouthfuls does not permit members to start threads about politics or religion or to raise politics or religion as topics for discussion (including making critical comments or jokes which in the judgment of the Administrators may provoke such discussion).


And in response to g.johnson


Of course, things would be a lot more convivial if we were allowed to talk about politics.


I think mouthfuls would be a lot more convivial* if certain members could just get over the fact that we don't talk about politics and could stop trying to talk about politics.


But that is a discussion for a different thread.


* Let me make it clear that this comment is not aimed at Mongo per se but at all members of this board who are responsible for doing this - you know who you are.

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Guest Suzanne F

Well, I hope the Brits return. So many of you sound so much better educated than I, you remind me of my real place in the intellectual world (in spite of my being able to lord it over folks at ChefTalk). ;) You can purchase products I only read about, and eat at places I'll never get to. And, oh yes, you can tell me what it's REALLY like to use an Aga cooker, so I don't have to dream about one. ;)


Please . . . don't leave us with only Macrosan!!!! :( :( Come back, and bring Tarka with you. Pretty please?????

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well, not all british accents sound intelligent, imo. manchester and east london, just to name a few, are as bad as the worst brooklyn or lawn guyland accents you've ever heard.

It's funny you should say that. My accent is RP with Manchester and Cockney additions. ;)

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no offense intended, g.johnson.

i have friends, even family from manchester and bristol. i was only referring to how the accent sounds. obviously, you ain't no dope...

don't back down now--you were doing so well.


is there a large welsh community in manchester and bristol?

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I told a joke about the local accent at a wedding in Bristol. Not a big hit. Can't remember the details, but something along the lines of the occasion being "a miracle...not to be confused with the country discovered by Christopher Columbus."


* No need to correct the history, I was pandering to my audience.

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is there a large welsh community in manchester and bristol?

Manchester I don't know. There would be a huge Welsh population in Bristol if they hadn't made the Severn Bridge one way.


(An actual local joke there for you.)

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