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Aberdeen MD "Pit Beef"

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Southbound on I-95, just south of the Susquehanna bridge, is the Cal Ripken baseball stadium, and an exit for MD22, Aberdeen. Exit, cross over the highway to Fast Eddie's Pit BBQ and grab a sandwich.


It' a tiny, shack-like place on Bush Chapel Road, just east of the highway. Bush Chapel and 22 intersect about a 1/4 mile east of the highway.


Pit beef is a local delicacy in Maryland, thinly shaved hot roast beef served on a soft roll. You have the option of a jus pour, a spicy bbq sauce pour, or no pour. Raw onions, chopped peppers, and a variety of hot sauces are provided.


$4.75 for a thick sandwich. Not a destination by any means, but a decent sandwich

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Can't you also get the same at Boog Powell's stand at Camden Yards?

possibly, but this is much quicker if you're driving down I-95, and there's no charge for admission... ;)


in the northeast, we'd describe this as a "hot roast beef sandwich"

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i could go for a hot roast beef sandwich right now.

for a change, try it on garlic bread, with the jus, and onions. top with cheese and put under the broiler.

it is another stinky breath sandwich, but a fantastic one. i have heard this version of the sandwich referred to as a balboa or a giacomo.

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