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Japanese restaurants (SEA)

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Paul and I tried Momiji with some friends last night. I was a bit nervous because Bethany Jean Clement called it sushi circus and Hanna Raskin equated their rolls to a fro-yo DIY sundae. And yes, they absolutely have those things on the menu but, with our servers help, we were able to steer clear of that and have some really good food.


My absolute favorite was tofu made in house with sesame paste. On top was a miso sauce and a sprinkling of toasted ground peanuts. It was fantastic. Also good was a rockfish done in the style of kasu black cod and a round of monkfish liver with topped with creme fraiche and caviar. The salmon collar was good but not the best I've ever had. The only bad app we had was tempura maitake mushrooms. They were too big and hard to eat for one thing. And the mushrooms have so much moisture in them that the tempura was soggy immediately. Our only roll was their I ♥ Roll (cute, right?) with yellowtail and uni. I'd never had uni in a roll before and it was great.


For sushi we had the usual; yellowtail, amberjack, scallop, two kinds of troll-caught salmon and tuna. It was served at the perfect temperature and the size was just right. The amount of rice was much smaller that you typically see and I loved that.


We started with nice cocktails before (Paul's was maybe a tad sweet but my Empire State was excellent. I wasn't involved in the sake selection but whatever they agreed on was also really good.


If you haven't been already, I recommend it.

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