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ha ha. i meant the show. i'm down for the ana lucia/kate mud wrestling. or even just a stare-off.


currently the show seems to be killing off the characters i find most annoying. so if anyone is attached to charlie i'd start letting go.


i've considered the possibility that i've tired of this show so quickly because we watched the whole first season in less than a week this fall, and so perhaps find it more predictable and repetitious than those who watched it in the weekly rhythm with a summer off to forget. but either way i can't see any reasonable way to stretch this past 2 or 3 seasons total. the "x-files" had about 4 good seasons and that was only because there were as many great one-off episodes as there were silly conspiracy episodes. i don't think anyone really cares very much about the backstories of these characters, which is all that's kept this from being a mini-series.

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Ha ha, so I join this splinter food board, and my first post is about non-food-related TV. Thank God for freedom of speech.


I agree that the show is not as "must see" this year - even with the twists they've thrown in (Ana Lucia & crew, killing off Shannon, etc). However last night's episode recapping the 47 or whatever days the tailies have been there was pretty good.


Anyway, the main reason I keep watching is because of Evangeline Lilly of course. Apparently she went to UBC. I went to UBC. We're somewhat close in age I'd guess. So where the hell was she hanging out?


PS: I agree that the serial thing was the worst part of the X-Files, the best being the oddball episodes they sprinkled in.

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what happens at the very end of this most recent episode? i taped it--yes, yes, on a vcr--and it cuts out just as michael sees the "hello" message on the computer. is that where it ends?





















Michael responds and they go back and forth a bit then after Michael types "I'm Michael" the other person types "Dad? It's Walt." Then it ends. Ugh.

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Michael responds and they go back and forth a bit then after Michael types "I'm Michael" the other person types "Dad?  It's Walt."  Then it ends.  Ugh.

Actually, he the reply is just "DAD?"


Whether it's Walt or not remains to be seen.

Sorry about that.

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