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The first prediction I remember hearing about Lost is that they were in hell or pergatory or something like that. Are they just messing with us by making it appear that way now? It seems too obvious.........

It does seem too obvious, doesn't it, especially since the producers denied it early on. But it would explain why the mothers can't have babies on the island -- the babies are 'born' to mortal life on earth. And I think of Ecko dying after he finds God again -- so maybe the island is hell or purgatory?


I'm sure I'm entirely wrong.

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one more time with feeling: i'm sick of the fucking backstories. i was sick of them 2 years ago.

What'd'ya think of the last Locke ep, then? There was a flashback, but only of a week.


I'm happy that next week's ep is finally here. Although I'm sure it'll raise more questions than it'll answer, at least we get to see Ben's life and more on the Dharma Initiative.


Go DeGroot's!

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fucking hell! i sat through an episode of charlie flashbacks, on the assurance that he was going to buy the farm at the end and then he didn't.

Soon, mongo, soon. I hope.


As long as Desmond and Hurley live, all is good.


Oh, and don't forget the most important part of next week's episode: Hurley Bird!

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still alive, but thankfully she and charlie have receded somewhat into the background. though charlie's had more lines of late.


one more time with feeling: i'm sick of the fucking backstories. i was sick of them 2 years ago.


How do feel now that's it's all been backstory? (Finally finished them tonight, watching several episodes in a row makes it much more engaging, the slow plot isn't as annoying). At least the hobbit's finally dead though

I'm afraid it's just a tease and he'll find some way to survive.

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the last few episodes have re-ignited my interest in the show, which i'd been watching this season largely like i was seeing out a prison sentence. i think the ending of the finale could go in a number of different directions. it could be jack imagining a possible future, it could be an alternate reality (his father seems to be alive), it could be only a few of them have managed to get off. but whatever it is, it will be charlie-free. i read a very bitter interview with the hobbit so i don't think he'll be coming back.


i like how in some reviews people find it significant that walt was visibly older in his return in the finale. yes, geniuses, it's been three years since the show began even if less than 6 months have passed in it. little boys do grow up.

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Evil black smoke. Very "Ghost."

Who's the new hottie with the dumbass guy?

They didn't even bother to introduce them, they just appeared so I think it is appropriate to call those people dead person #1 and dead person #2. WTF was up with the guy testing the toilet?

I'm late in catching up on these episodes but it is never too late to say booyah, I was right! Nicky and Paulo, nice to meetya, don't let the door hit you in your ass on the way out, next and final stop for you will a grave on the beach.

Since Stone isn't around to defend himself, I'd also like to point out that he was wrong about Sawyer dying. Yet again, I was right.


I think I have three more episodes to go before I'm up to date and I have to say, the show got much better at the end. I love Kate and Sawyer together (even if she's using him for sex), love finding out about Ben and though I know this comes later, love that the hobbit finally gets it.

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A bunch of people are on an island.

We don't know where.

Unexplainable things happen to them.

There are good guys and bad guys. Sometimes the writers trick you into thinking you know who is good and who is bad.

Don't sleep with Sawyer or chances are, you'll die.

Even if you die, you'll still show up on the show, perhaps more than you did when you were alive. If you get a DUI, forget about that though.

They may or may not get off the island in 2009.

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