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I agree that the show is not as "must see" this year...

It hasn't dropped off as much as Desperate Housewives, which has become a major bore.


Sadly, it speaks sadly for our low expectations that we keep watching, while a truly superior show like Arrested Development has been cancelled for lack of viewers.

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I've given up on Lost for this season as well, since I find that I only have to watch every fourth episode or so to stay on top of things as they tend to recap everyting ad infinitum. Prison Break is my current favorite, although now that it's on hiatus till March there's nothing to watch until 24 starts in January.

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the weird thing is that despite missing only the pre-credits sequence i seem to not have seen some of the things summarized here as happening later in the episode: locke and his girlfriend seeing the notice for his father's "funeral", and sayid and company finding the balloon and grave. did i blink and miss something? or is the dharma foundation messing with my mind?

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I think there's a third season of The L Word coming up.  :P

Yes, but from what I've read the third season is less about lesbian sex then it is about lesbians dying. Way less fun.

Happily, only one dead lesbian but still hordes of bonking lesbians. :P

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HOLY CRAP!! Did anybody watch this episode, especially the last 5 minutes? Boring first 50 minutes. Then BOOM! What a twist. I'm starting to see where this thing is going (though I'm probably wrong.) :lol:

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