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My predictions:


1) Kate is screwing the bad guy for now, but will (attempt to) end up with the nice doctor.




2) just after she and Jack get together she's going to find out that she's pregnant w/Sawyer's spawn. Because I doubt they found birth control pills in that hanger thing.

1. You're confusing bad boy with bad guy. He's just misunderstood and has a heart of gold.

2. Too easy, I think. Jack will hook up with Juliet though.


Mongo, I hope you're right.


I'd like to put Alex and Carl on the Please Die List. Carl will almost certainly function as a plot device and will die while trying to kill (or maybe succeed) Ben. Perhaps Alex will just throw herself off a cliff when Carl dies. One can only hope.

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still alive, but thankfully she and charlie have receded somewhat into the background. though charlie's had more lines of late.


one more time with feeling: i'm sick of the fucking backstories. i was sick of them 2 years ago.

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is the series ending? or have they just received tremendous pressure to deliver some revelations?


Holy Crap! I just watched the last two episodes back-to-back and the pace was so intense. After two seasons at a near crawl we head into a sprint?


The first prediction I remember hearing about Lost is that they were in hell or pergatory or something like that. Are they just messing with us by making it appear that way now? It seems too obvious.........

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