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Though there are many parillas in Buenos Aires, there are only two real choices:


Cabaña Las Lilas

Avenida Dávila 516

Puerto Madero

Capital Federal 1107

Phone: 11-43131336


La Cabaña

Rodriguez Peña 1967

Buenos Aires C1021

Phone: 11-48140001

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I ate twice at La Cabaña many moons ago. It is/was a Peter Luger's where the steaks are three times larger but not quite as good. Still, it is a memorable beef experience.

I have a set of knives from there. They are like small Bowie kniives, the kind the gauchos carry in leather sheaths. Makes you feel like a real carnivore, I'll tell ya.

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Pixel, have you been there? I could not believe my eyes when they brought the steak to the table. i thought is was for the four of us. Then they brought a similar plate for each other person. Maybe with the economy what it is, they've reduced the sizes, but it was very satisfying.


The only sour note was the first time I was there was during the junta's heyday. The streets were full of "gestapo-like" secret police who kept looking at me (and everyone else) like I was a Hasidic in Berlin in 1939. My client (Ford) had their manager kidnapped and murdered a month earlier. It was a hairy time.


But it didn't stop me from enjoying the steak.


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