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Inspired by the bacon thread, and by Yvonne's recommendation of the Irish bangers sold at WF, I have decided we need to expand our cured and seasoned meats discussion to include sausages. In New York, I like the Cumberland sausage available at Meyers of Keswick, the Mexican chorizo that Kitchen Market has and the Volpi Genoa salami sold by Russo's on 11th at First Ave. Volpi is made in St. Louis and is I believe widely available, but the guys in Russo's turned me on to it, claiming it is the best Genoa salami available in the US. Russo's also has very good mortadella and cacciatore and some fresh Italian-style sausages that are very nice, as well as small,subtly spiced fresh sausages they call 'French". Kurowycky has the best kielbasa I've had. Arthur Avenue is of course sausage heaven.


I did not care for Mario Batali's product, which is available at WF. And I find Aidell's a bit underwhelming as well. I love saucisson a l'ail and have gotten a good one in Dean and De Luca.

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Salumeria Biellese -corner of 29th and 8th. I believe that Mr. Gatti is a client as well. They have an everchanging variety of freshly made sausages, which they make daily for many high-end restaurants in town. In the past there have been, wild boar and port, or turkey with cranberries, or the thai basil pork with lemongrass. ..

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