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A friend of mine makes a chicken-bacon-garlic sausage that is just amazing.


Also, the name "little Jesus" just makes me more curious.

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I know there's a few Boston people on here, I'm wondering if anyone has any "must-try" suggestions for sausage buying in Beantown?

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some sausage from flying pigs arrived today, courtesy liza and her personal shopper. this was consumed immediately at lunch. chardonnay and sun-dried tomato was the variety--somewhat frou-frou you might say, and you'd be right. the point, however, is that frou-frou flavouring aside, the sausage is just fucking excellent. i'd thought long family farms' french apple sausage was as good as it got, but i was wrong.


now i look forward to sampling the slab bacon that was also in the package.

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I've had both. They're different. Pascal's are more rustic and more boldly flavored. Flying Pigs are smoother and more 'sophisticated' for lack of a better word. I love 'em both. But I must say I think about Pascal's more than I think about Flying Pigs' .


Pascal's sausages are like the sausages you buy in the French countryside.

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does sopressata count as sausage?


east williamsburg (graham street) has some italian butchers yet who make it. i bought an excellent sopressata yesterday; it's very nice. but i wouldn't compare it to anything in the french countryside, mostly because i haven't been to a french countryside. i did drive past a chinese laundry in South Flushing the other day called "Meticulous French Cleaner Laundry" or something of the sort.

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