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2006 World Cup

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"it has been announced that the stars assisting the final draw will be johann cryuff, lothar mathaeus, roger milla, lucas radebe, masashi nakayama, cobi jones, pele, christian karembu"


i assume this disparate lineup represents each federation plus the host?

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the quality of the discourse on the fifa draw chat-room is amazing.


i suppose i should see if this is on television. though it will mean getting up.


edit: espn2 has it in 30 minutes. i suppose going to it live would have meant not showing the lumberjack competition that is currently airing. ah well, i have nothing against canadian culture.

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not that complicated really.


the 8 seeded teams go into one pot and are drawn one per group


the second pot contains the unseeded south americans, the africans and oceania. each are drawn to join a seeded team in its group.


in the next pot go 8 european teams. each is drawn to a group.


the 9th european team is then drawn to one of the groups that does not already have two european teams in it.


the final pot contains the concacaf and asian teams.


each team also draws a number within the group, which determines the order of the matches. if you're c2, then your first match will be versus c1.




of course the process and the formula for seeding is different each time.

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