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Hot dogs are gooooooooood. Especially piled up with tons of veggies and fried stuff. And preceded by a group performance of The Eyes of Texas and a cheer or two for the team.


I loved that ginger cake too - the real tangy one. Can I get a recipe?


A big Thank You! to our lovely hosts - it was great to see you guys again.



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I have to confess that the non-tangy one, Shuna's Famous, lacked 4 ounces of butter - I forgot and only put in one stick, so your votes may have been skewed. The David Leibovitz one is available on epicurious.com: Fresh Ginger Cake I used a food processor to mince all that ginger.


thanks to Donna and Wes for showing us that culinary artery-clogging classic: a Jimmy Buff's, to Rita for a terrific rendition of another classic: Texas Sheet Cake and a new fave: deviled eggs made with wasabi mayo, to Phil for his mom's beans- she'd be proud, to David for letting us sample three different dogs and offering a possibility of a Big Apple jauant, to Foodie52 for the beer selection and for Mr. F52's jokes, and to Longhorn Gal for the buns and the shirt and the "I was there" memories of the Horns' latest moment in the sun

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