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Sachin Tendulkar assumes the position at the foot of the slippery pole.

I suppose Sachin in the Rajya Sabha is no less odd than University of Dublin having seats in the Seanad Éireann. Upper houses in the Westminster system are kind of fun (as an outsider).

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missed a great test between india and sri lanka. the first in the 3 game series was washed out. in the second, muralitharan caused havoc on a spinning pitch, but not before sachin tendulkar broke gava

Yes, that's a great little program they have there.   I saw a lot of Bedi in the early '70s. He did well to keep his career average under 30. In the absence of any test class pace attack, Bedi use

I'd certainly agree about Pietersen seeming unconvincing, he's the kind of player you never feel is in, and relies entirely on his eye, but it can be fun to watch... Vaughan just seems to be too keen

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Call me a heretic, but I do like Twenty20 cricket. Of course, that might be due to the fact that it's about the only cricket I can watch here in the US. Thank you, WatchESPN.


ETA: That said, I could do with out the freaking mandatory powerplay. Just let the defense be what the captain wants.

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For the Brits (or other cricket lovers), highlights from a Los Angeles Times cricket story.



he scored the fastest 100 runs in the history of professional cricket after just 30 pitches


delivered blow after nonchalant blow beyond the boundaries


One of his sixes (a home run of sorts scored when a ball is hit outside the boundary without a bounce)


The description of the feat as the fastest century "in cricket history" obscures the fact that it wasn't a first class match. What's more bewildering is that the fastest century in first class cricket was scored off 27 balls, not 30.

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