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Ok, I have been volunteered to plan a work-people happy hour for mid-January. These are a bunch of people who vaguely know each other, a few who are good friends, and a few new folks who don't really know anybody. We need a place that we can feel comfortable without the stodginess of a formal sit down dinner and reservations.


Here are the parameters:

North of 45th street

Easily accessible from a major highway of some sort (within 1 mile or so)

Bar area large enough for about 20 people to invade, but small enough to keep us all contained.

Decent drinks

Decent food

Preferable not a large chain-type place.

TV's or pool table a plus for conversation generation.


We're doing this on a Tuesday night. Drink specials are a plus.


The only good options I've come up with on my own are:

+ TGIFriday's in the arboretum (yeah, it's a chain but meets other criteria)

+ Antonio's Tex Mex near I35 and St Johns (but I've never been there for happy hour)


Help!!! I'm much more familiar with South Austin or Downtown.

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It does not hit everything on your wish list, but Billy's on Burnet and Hancock might be an option (a few blocks north of 45th and Burnet). Great beer selection, very good pub menu, pool table with an adjoining separate room in the back, plus a great jukebox. They also have a nice patio in front if the weather cooperates.


This place is my new favorite hangout and is a classic "joint", not at all like a Bennegins or TGIFridays. Was just there last night watching MNF on the big screen.

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Does Billy's do mixed drinks?  I may need a margarita to handle all the "Shop Talk" that is sure to be going on.  It sounds like a good option.


Trudy's is a good one too - nobody doesn't like Trudy's.

I am almost positive that they have mixed drinks, but never ordered one. This gives me an excellent excuse to go conduct some "research" and report back.


Here is their website Billy's

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A big thanks for the tips. We went to Billy's on Burnet and all had a good time. The Frito Pie is fabulous! An the rest of the food all got eaten. The casual (go to the bar and order) method of service made it easy for folks to come and go without any tight timeframes to conform to!



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