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Bruce, I hope you're OK--I didn't realize you were in the hospital!


When I was a teenager, my husband-to-be (now ex) spent quite some time in the hospital. When he was critical, he got what we called "Dirt Soup" nearly every day. It was very thin (like water) and a yellowish-white color with a bit of grease floating on top. If you could make it down to the bottom of the bowl, there was a bit of brown stuff. No discernible flavor at all. We always asked, but no one could tell us what it was called. :rolleyes:

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Bruce, I hope you feel better soon.


Hospital food in Santa Cruz is (quel surprise) very innovative. The chef at Dominican Hospital (pretty much the only show in town unless you're having a baby or getting out-patient surgery) has his own garden project, and is serving all organic/sustainable meals to patients. He's a real ground-breaker.


I'll be blogging about it soon, if the conditions are good.


Just had a thought that you need a hospital like the one I was born in, in Alabama. An hour after I was born, my daddy was handing my mother BBQ and beer through the ground-floor window. :rolleyes:

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