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Year-end Best of Lists

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I liked many of the albums already mentioned. (although Art Brut gets very old very quickly, I think, and I didn't get MIA at all, maybe I should listen again). I'd add "Out of Breach" by Mu.

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And voila, here are

KCRW's top 25 most played records of 2005:


1) Gorillaz - Demon Days

2) Thievery Corporation - Cosmic Game

3) Beck - Guero

4) Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place

5) The Chemical Bros - Push the Button

6) Royksopp - The Understanding

7) Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

8) Boozoo Bajou - Dust My Broom

9) MIA - Arular

10) Doves - Some Cities

11) Death Cab for Cutie - Plans

12) LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem

13) Feist - Let It Die

14) Tom Vek - We Have Sound

15) Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll

16) Jamiroquai - Dynamite

17) Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself

18) Lewis Taylor - Stoned

19) Tosca - J.A.C.

20) Coldplay - X&Y

21) Beck - Guerolito

22) Moby - Hotel

23) DJ Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 5 compilation

24) Sounds Eclectico - KCRW live session compilation

25) The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan

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I've just gotten Death Cab's Plans and have listened to it a few times. Nice.


White Stripes Get Behind Me holds up.


I'm thinking of getting LCD Soundsystem as it was playing in the store a few months ago and I still remember it.


But I've basically been regrouping by getting old LP stuff on CD like Velvet Underground and Bonnie Raitt and Bach cantatas.

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I had higher, or too high, hopes for Doves' Some Cities but there are a few choice cuts. And I do really enjoy the Get Behind Me Satan, specially "Forever for her is over for me," when Jack begs her to just do it.

Great single by KT Tunstall, "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree," and single of the year award to Gomez for "Silence". Very much enjoyed "Trouble" by Ray LaMontagne, too. Though I need to get out more, obviously, and get my ass over to the SonVolt record I missed.

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I must purchase The Magic Numbers. They have insinuated themselves into my brain I can't stop singing Forever Lost.

I just got it, and have to make myself stop listening over and over. It's a little scary.


Bloc Party Silent Alarm is on my list.

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catching up slowly on 2005, the following would go on my list:


"clap your hands say yeah"


"the mouse and the mask" (thank you, guajolote!)


"demon days" (i was sceptical after the departure of the automator and del and held off getting this, but it is quite good)


"get behind me satan"


i have to get the remix album of "guero"

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Well, the year's almost out. I couldn't decide whether to start a new thread or revive this one. Then I decided I listened to more stuff from 2005 than 2006 this year, so I might as well stick with the old thread.


Stuff from 2005 that I grew to like after this thread started, in many cases thanks to this thread, include:


My Morning Jacket

White Stripes

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (although sometimes they sound like a full dress parody of New Order with the pubescent Peter Brady on vocals)

Magic Numbers ("Love Me Like You Do" being a particular favorite)

The National


The Rakes

Art Brut


I also have come around again on both the Decemberists and the Hold Steady 2005 records-- I'm listening to them more again, partly because of their new records.


I spent a lot of 2006 being not that excited by anything new, and then a whole bunch of stuff came out late in the year that I wanted to hear. I don't know a lot of albums from this year all that well, but what follows is a bunch of stuff I'm liking:


Belle & Sebastian (this one I've listened to a lot-- still holding up pretty well)

Gomez (never into them before-- some very catchy songs)

Twilight Singers (vocalist from Afghan Whigs-- all over the place but some good tunes)


Tapes 'n' Tapes (sounds a bit like Clap Your Hands..., but less derivative)

Ambulance LTD (they have an EP out)

Yo La Tengo (I'm very excited about this from the first few listens; a return to 1996 form)

Pernice Brothers (why I like this but don't like Death Cab for Cutie I can't explain)

The Hold Steady (this is really good, and made me reevaluate last year's record. It rocks)

Raconteurs (fun, some good singles)

Decemberists (reminded me of the songs I liked on last year's record)

Arctic Monkeys (decent)

Bob Dylan (very nice)

Citizen Cope (disappointing, not much new ground broken, but I still like the sound)

TV on the Radio (experimental but oddly catchy)

Neko Case (I can't say this record's really my thing, but her voice gives me shivers and I like some of the songs a lot)

Beck (he's turned into an old pro-- he puts out a good to very good record every year!)


What do you like from 2006?

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i really, really like the neko case album. and i have to say her voice and delivery has a lot to do with it. the same material covered by another good singer probably wouldn't do it for me.


still listening to tapes 'n tapes.


has anyone heard the new zutons album? i only just heard their first album (from 2004) and liked it a lot.

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For music in this vein, my favorites in '06 include:


Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of This Country -- possibly the best indie pop record of '06 -- BUY OR DIE

Bamboo Kids

BBQ and King Khan Show (this might be '05?)

High Tension Wires - Send a Message

Cool Jerks - Cleaned a Lot of Plates in Memphis

Digger and the Pussycats - Watch Yr Back

Yo La Tengo's new one

The Little Killers - A Real Good One -- BUY OR DIE

The Time Flys - Fly


My favorite purchases the year, regardless of release date include:


Gino Washington Out of This World reissue on Norton - FUCKING GENIUS

Merle Travis and Joe Maphis

Desperate Rock 'n' Roll series

Lord Kitchener

Perez Prado

The Mel-Tones

Sam Cooke - SAR Recordings

Savage Kick series - KILLER '50s R & B jams

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