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Junmai Nama



This bottle has probably been sitting in my fridge (unopened) for 8 months. I think that nama sakes are supposed to be consumed quickly so I don't know how the wait has affected the taste. Certainly after opening it it lost its freshness very quickly.

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Sake Fest this coming Saturday (tomorrow), November 2nd, at Hester Street Fair.


Hester Street Fair, Sake Discoveries and The Izakaya are proud to present our first annual Sake Festival featuring the best sake breweries from Japan alongside a variety of Japanese food and other unique vendors! We will also be welcoming Master brewers from Japan pouring sake for you.



Full info...https://hesterstreetfair.com/events/hester-street-fairs-sake-festival/


Gonna be a lot of drunk people in my back yard.

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What should I buy? 


I'd like an inexpensive sake I can use for Japanese cooking, but also might take a nip from now and then. Something I can recap and keep in the fridge mainly for cooking, like I do with my Shaoxing wine for Chinese cooking. I've used that for Japanese cooking, and it's too not right.

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Sake doesn't really keep, so buy good sake, use what you want for cooking, and drink the rest within a couple of days, or maybe buy it in cup sake format? 


There are a couple of mirin brands available that are actual sweetened sake (Takara Masamune is the most widely available) and those last for a while. 

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