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The Olympics

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FWIW, the US men's team was picked to finished 6th in the tournament. They got solid goaltending. The problem was they couldn't find the back of the net. I want to know who was the genius that chose all the graybeards?


Anyone think rooms are going to get trashed a la Nagano?

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Watching Cohen has been the highlight of the games so far for me...Jacobellis hotdogged, and nonchalantly labelled that inappropriate behavior as fun....Look at Sasha's face, posture, demeanor..that young woman was having FUN, while maintaining her competitiveness.


Beautiful, absolutely stunningly beautiful. It made me happy to watch them all.

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...he took aim at the people who put the disappointing squad together.


"You'd think USA Hockey would be a well-oiled machine, but it's not," he said. "Basically we were on our own for hotels, tickets, flights, stuff like that.


"Normally we wouldn't have to worry about stuff like that."

You've got to be kidding me. What a spoiled brat. He had to get his own plane ticket and his own hotel room? What an ordeal for the poor fellow. I wonder if he had to wipe his own ass too?


Is this his excuse for the team looking like pylons while the Finns skated circles around them for three periods?


I feel sorry for DiPietro. He was shelled relentlessly every game while Chelios was trying to catch his breath.


On the upside the Czech/Slovak game was riveting. Too bad Demitra was injured in the end, or Slovakia might've tied it.

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Glen Miller didn't die in the plane crash.  He was just horribly busted up and didn't want anyone to know.  So he lived out his days in a wheelchair in a mansion in San Marino, CA.

Wasn't that JFK? Elvis?

I don't think they were in San Marino. But as an added bonus, Mickey Cohen somehow figured into this story.

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I am obsessively checking the women's figure skating results here. I don't care, but some how I really do, or I wouldn't be refreshing the page every 7 minutes. Just the last 6 to go . . .

I'm abashed to admit that I am doing the same, but primarily because I won't be able to watch the NBC broadcast later in the evening.


The updates seem to go so slowly... Can't those girls skate faster? :unsure:

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