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Champany Inn, Linlithgow

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It's a hard life :D


We were at the Chop & Ale House last night with Mr Balic. They don't take reservations. Fortunately, we were forewarned and arrived at 6-10pm for a 6-30pm opening. There was a queue of 10 people ahead of us and by 6-20pm a queue of >40 people.


We had starters of smoked duck, pickled herring and chicken liver pate followed by a 500g T-bone and 2 x 450g Rib Eye steaks, homemade chips and salad. Pudding of hazelnut merinque & cream, stilton and Isle of Mull cheddar. Coffee, port, whisky and a bottle of Cab Sauvignon / Merlot.


Cost 45GBP per head incl tip.


The T-bone was thick and cooked medium/rare very dark crunchy fat on the outside and beautiful rare deep pink inside and totally scrumptious.

the Rib Eyes were char-griled in a criss-cross on the outside and again deep rare pink inside.

Both pieces of meat were like no other Mr B had tasted either in Scotland or Oz. Hung for 28 days, stupendous flavour.


The posh restaurant is quoted in the Michelin at 95-00 GBP and upwards, with wholw sirloins of beef - to us Brits, a ridiculous amount of meat, could feed a family of four.

There are also about 6 rooms on the site.


Piccies to follow

A & G

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Seven of us st down at 7.30 here on Saturday night and when we rose four hours later we were several pounds heavier round the waste and 130 pounds each lighter in the wallet.


Admittedly a good deal of that was wine and service, but the fact that this place can charge £42 for a Porterhouse Steak and STILL charge extra for chips, mushrooms, salad shows that it has confidence in its ability to attract the crowds.


And why not? A beautifully it dining room and tables full of glassware like an old fashioned French country restaurant gave one a cosy glow immediately. A selection of starters yeilded the most wonderful Smoked Salmon-melting in the mouth, saltiness and smokiness well balanced by succulence. I mean we've all eaten Smoked Salmon a million times right? But this was truly a class above-one of those times when the bar gets raised with a particular food. Scallops, Prawns and Hot Smoked Salmon and Cod and a deeply flavoured Cullen Skink were all good and we certainly didn't need a massive steak each, but ordered one of course.


On first bite I thought the sugar crust charred coating was a bit bitter, but as the steak cooled down the meat quality asserted itself as the crust flavour tempered down and we then had the best steaks that any of us could remember having in the UK.


However the meal was let down by dreadful sides. First of all we had to endure that ludicrous Northern abomination-chips fried in beef fat yes folks-let's eat chips with that horrible rancid tang! Whyowhyowhy? The salad also had a horrible oil tang in its dressing and the "wild mushrooms" at £7.50 per portion? Yer havin a larf.


Good desserts (rice pudding with jam ) and a top notch Stilton restored quality, mint teas and chocolates and doggie bags and effusive goodbyes ended a memorable evening which had only threatened to go pear shaped once after our American guest had announced in that soft, dulcet New York lilt :lol: how he was looking forward to "A GREAT BIG FUCK OFF STEAK" once too often for the sensibilities of the people at the table behind, who apparently shot a "who is this loud mouthed American" look once or twice our way.


But his schmoozing of the madame 'd paid off in good service and good will and lots of "come agains".


Probably won't but everyone should go once

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The steaks were cooked to perfection. And as Tuck says - that cold smoked salmon was excellent. The best I've ever had.


And yes, if you are in Edinburgh this is totally a place you should visit. Its good food in beautiful location.


Anny had already posted pictures of the steaks below (although for some reason, I can't see them right now) but if you'd like to see more. Hit the link in my signature line and then follow the link for Champany Inn.

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