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Rosa Mexicano

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Some girlfriends and I are coming to NYC in April and Rosa Mexicano is on our short list of restaurants. Is it still as good as it was 5 years ago? I'm trying to pick places that have excellent food, a nice atmosphere, but aren't necessarily new and trendy.


My friends like Fonda San Miguel here in Austin. I've been touting Rosa Mexicano as just as good if not better, so I want it to live up to my hype :unsure:. Should I keep it on the short list?

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Don't we need to specify WHICH Rosa Mexicano? The original on 1st Ave. is far better than the one near Lincoln Center. I have not tried the other two NYC outlets.




If you want excellent regional Mexican food in a fun/casual atmosphere, may I suggest Centrico in Tribeca?


*I work for the restaurant's manager/co-owner. But I'd like the place even if I didn't, and it's great for a girls' night out.

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Steven, thanks. I was hoping to hear from someone who had eaten at both Fonda San Miguel and Rosa Mexicano. In my mind, Rosa Mexicano is better, but that may be because I tried it in my early twenties and it was my first exposure to interior Mexican. So my memory of it might be slightly glorified. FSM is my girlfriend's favorite restaurant in town, so I thought it might be fun her her to compare. But if the conclusion is going to be "Oh, we should have just gone to Fonda before we left" then why bother :unsure:. Helena, I never made it to Zarella's, but my co-workers use to love it. Have fun with your decorating. I'm jealous.


Cathy, I was thinking of the one in Mid-Town. When I lived in NYC, it was the only one I ever visited. But thank you and Lippy for the recommendation of Centrico. I've never even heard of that one (though I'm losing track of all the good NYC restaurants these days).


Robert, in the end, I'll probably follow your modus operandi :blush:. In fact, that might be another reason why I have such fond memories of RM. Tequila.


Maybe we'll just move out of the Mexican realm since we do live in Austin.


I'm going to have to spend a lot of time here searching the old reviews and whatnot.

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Here is the Centrico thread. It's the only Mexican I'd consider while visiting NY. Centrico strikes me as being exciting without being silly, based on the descriptions, the Bruni review and the menu. I'll duck the tomatillos here, but NY seems like a place that should be mastering the basics before it starts getting too innovative with Mexican food.


I haven't heard good things about Rosa Mexicana beyond the table-side guacamole for a long time. Her cookbook however has one of the best chile descriptions I've seen.

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I vastly prefer Centrico.


I was in the Rosa Mexicano on the west side Monday night. Pre-ballet, so right across the street and my friend is very pregnant and couldn't walk far. The guacamole was good, the crab empanadas were OK, would have been good if the dough had been a little crisper. Chicken stew: eh. Very good, very strong margarita. Good service.

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Here is the Centrico thread. It's the only Mexican I'd consider while visiting NY.

Though Centrico is good...


Young Rancho,

that it is but one Mexican delight in New York.

I'm thinking restaurants more than taquerias. And I probably wouldn't waste a meal in NY at a taqueria when there's so much else to eat. Have you had pizza or deli in California? You shouldn't. As a Native Son of the Golden West, that's what I would do with a limited amount of time.


So when are you coming? The salt on your margarita is melting.


I'm guessing we'll be breaking bread by year's end....

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