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Mexican Cooking Project #2

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Well, as I said in my opening post, I've always wanted to try cochinita pibil, and those exquisite pickled red onions, and some fried platanos.   I've got quite a few recipes, but don't know if I'm

if they give any flavour at all it's minimal. i think balic made this point months ago. they do give the pork a wonderful color though.

Thanks. What I'm hearing is, use whatever's available and treat it accordingly.

My conchinita is cooking and the house smells sooo good. I have no idea what type of pork I got because at the mexican grocery I bought it at he could not speak English and the pork was called something like maciso or masico (does that ring a bell?). Anyway, it was a beautiful cut of pork. I cut it into large cubes and and cooking it per the recipe Jaymes posted, using a premade achiote paste. (I did buy red chiles and other ingredients to make it from scratch when I have more time, next time). When finished I will shred the meat, or cut it up, whichever seems reasonable.


The same mexican grocery was making tortillas, so I got them hot out of the roller oven, and as soon as I got home ate a couple still warm and soft. Yum, plus made yummy tacos w/ al pastor seasoned pork I bought at another mexican carniceria.


As for my rajas, well.... to make a long story short, I only roasted them last night, so will have my rajas today as well with some grilled shrimp! Also my crema is house made from the mexican market and I tasted it last night with the tacos and it's great! It's more liquidy than sour cream, as in it's drizzable.

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Lunch is over, and everything was a success! My pork was so tender it pulled apart beautifully. Fortunately I had made extra marinade, which when cooked down, made for some nice juice in with pork shreds. I liked the flavor, although it was not hot, but subtle. I served it with warmed up corn tortillas, refried beans, fine shredded red cabbage, extra crema, grilled shrimp and the rajas with crema.


Our favorite was the rajas with crema. My husband raved about it and then took the pan afterwards to scrape out every extra drop and bit he could. I think he especially liked it because he is not a fan of heat, but likes the flavor of the mild chile w/sauteed onion, crema, s&p. I have some left over strips of chile to make it again tomorrow, as well as left over Conchinita. Yum. I will have time to make the onion side dish for the Conchinita tomorrow.


But the rajas recipe is a real winner and definite repeat for our family.


Thank you Jaymes, Cristina, and everyone. :(

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My conchinita is still cooking. The smells are wonderful. I've had to add a little water to the cooking pan, because the juices were burning and although the pork loin has been cooking now for 4 1/2 hours, with only one hour to go -- it is still holding together. I find it hard to believe that it won't totally dry up. I've never cooked any meat as long as this!


I made the onion relish and have some pickle rajas left. I'll serve everything with tortillas and a salad. The loin was pretty big, so we'll eat some of it and freeze the rest.

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my cochinita is in the oven too but mo smell so far - maybe i was overzealous in banana leaves wrapping under foil sealing :(


the onions pickled in lime/orange juices and hot red peppers are wonderful. I used blood oranges for visual interest and hopefully some difference in flavor, if only i had brains to soak onions in iced water prior to pickling to remove some offensive odor :(


no plans for rajas - probably will use poblanos in some slaw ala Jinmyo.


fresh corn tortillas of course.

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Leslie, what a great picture you wrote about your husband scraping the pot. I loved reading it.


And about your butcher: maciza is the ham portion of the pork leg, before it's cured. That's exactly what I buy here in Mexico. :(


Congratulations on your excellent meal. I'm going to try to get the ingredients for the cochinita and make it tomorrow, but I might have to make it another day. Deadlines are calling. Isn't it awful when work interrupts cooking, a joy of life? Hmph.




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What did I miss by not using the banana leaves? I used aluminum foil to wrap the meat while it was marinating and cooked it in a non-stick pan because I didn't have any banana leaves to line the pan with, as specifed in some of the recipes.


The pork was heavily charred on the exterior, but juicy and tender inside. Very tasty.

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Lippy, i think the main difference is how the house smells during the cooking process - roasted banana leaves have quite a distinct aroma.


I have 30 min more to go, but the fennel/poblano slaw with lime vinaigrette is done already and quite delicious.

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