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The Ubiquitous Chip

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The Ubiquitous Chip


A long standing favourite of Glasgow diners from 1971 ish and in its time a ground breaking restaurant (for Glasgow and Scotland).


Usually meeja types from the BBC at Queen Margaret Drive or very well-heeled students.

The Chip

We had lunch here last Wednesday after an absence of about 11 years.

A 3 course lunch was 26-8 GBP

A small glass of Roussanne la Begude was 3-25 GBP

A large glass of Marius was 5-00 GBP.


Service was fine except when I asked to try a selection of the cheeses and was told I could only have 4 of them. A little piqued, my discomfort was made known to the owner who then produced small, tasting portions for me.


The bill for two was 71-10 GBP, not too bad for lunch.


We discussed this with a few of our 'older', more savvy Glasgewgian friends who felt, that for lunch that was acceptable, but their dinner prices were exorbitant.


'Tho to their credit, they're not aspiring to Michelin status and are trying to maintain their brand of innovative cooking. But, there are better places in Glasgow - Gamba, Moules, and I think Roccoco? (I'll check this one).

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