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Very good $48 prix fixe lunch at Le Bernardin. We had ordered the 24 hour advance notice red snapper (for two people). It is cooked in a salt and breadcrumb crust; presented dramatically, tableside,

If I remember corectly: milk chocolate crème brûlée on the bottom, maple caramel on top finished with caramel foam and maldon salt

I guess I'd lend mine to Champale. After all it is the champagne of ales*.       *Ales in this case referring to malt liquor of course.

Aska is $265 per person! And is in Brooklyn!


But I will add it to my list. I still may be able to swing it, but I'm hoping to limit my Brooklyn trips to one (Mekelburg's, of course!). 


As you surely know, Mekelburg's 2.0 is around the corner from Aska, so you can do both in the same evening. 

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A very lovely Significant Eater's birthday dinner was had here this week.


The saucing is exemplary; the fish is pretty damn pristine; the service pretty nonpareil (for Manhattan at least). My "main" of black sea bass, in a lemongrass infused bouillon with tiny shrimp and even tinier squid and even tinier mushrooms was really good. Her lobster rocked her boat, so that was good too.


I think it's the first time I've worn a jacket to dinner...since the last time we were here. Not counting a more recent wedding, but there it included a tie.


And it's where she wanted to go, so it had that going for it. Eric was even in the house. 

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I think the first ever post on MF was about a meal at Le B. It’s certainly a survivor.

So I pop in for a welcome dose of nostalgia, and this is where I alight  :cool:


You're right - LeB was the subject of the very first post here ... and well before that (dare I say this) it was the location of my first ever attendance at an eGullet meet-up in New York!!!!!


Good to see you still here, Wilf.


And now I shall wander my way round the site ... again  :)

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