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For lunch I made Rancho's recipe for pozole with chicken. I didn't get my act together yesterday so I hadn't soaked and cooked Rancho pozole, so I used canned (horrors!) But an easy, delicious recipe. I modified a bit by adding some tomatillos and fresh serranos.

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Sadly, I just can't develop a taste for posole. It's weird because I love corn in every form I can think of except posole. I also think of it as more a native North American dish than a particularly Mexican one, but I am sure I am wrong. :blush:


I'm jealous Omni! That soup sounds great and I wish I could enjoy it.


So can anyone give a recap of what you have already cooked in this thread?

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Another wonderful batch of posole with chicken. I based it loosely on Rancho's basic recipe - but I just riffed as I went along. It's a very forgiving dish, so I threw in whatever I felt like. Thick, satisfying, full of flavor, rich, spicy. Used a lot of oregano this time, and I like it.


Will serve it with garnish of avocado, cilantro, radishes...


Next time I'm going to do a green one with pork.

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I made a huge batch of posole verde yesterday, with Rancho Gordo hominy, and pig parts from Prather Ranch. I am drooling as I think of eating the leftovers for lunch. ;)


The recipe was from the Williams-Sonoma Mexican book, which I still have checked out from the library, with some reality-checking of quantities from Rick Bayless. Tausend calls for 3 pounds of posole for a single batch, which would have been an amazingly awful mistake. I also used Bayless's larger ratios of meat (2 pounds) and bones (3+ pounds, and substituting water for the chicken stock accordingly) and his suggestion of adding a pig foot for broth texture. I did use the W-S recipe's sauce components, although I don't think I'd bother with the pumpkin seeds again -- a lot of effort and expense for very little payoff.


Dessert was a nearly flourless chocolate-almond cake frosted with with ancho whipped cream -- from the same cookbook -- which I liked very much.



Edited to add: I have enough leftover cooked hominy that I am planning on making a red, chicken posole later in the month.

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