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Saying the New York Times is just a newspaper, is like saying the Grand Canyon is:   1. A large hole in the ground 2. David Gest's pet name for the other Liza 3. Not as good as Le Canyon Grande

Rock 'n' Roll Casualty

that's homeland security trolling for terrorists.

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Wait. Is it a coincidence that this article appeared a couple of days before this one? It can't be, right?


At least she gets to keep her job. I wonder why it took them till page two or three to get around to mentioning who her aunt is. To me, it's the key fact about her.

That's odd, but the timing business is odder still.

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From Tyler Cowen's "Who Will Prosper in the New World":


PEOPLE WHO DON’T NEED MONEY We are used to thinking in terms of rich, poor and middle class, but those categories will change. Berlin’s eastern neighborhoods and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, are a window onto our future. These urban areas are full of people who are bright, culturally literate, Internet-savvy and far from committed to the idea of hard work directed toward earning a good middle-class living. We’ll need a new name for the group of people who have the incomes of the lower middle class and the cultural habits of the wealthy or upper middle class. They will spread a libertarian worldview that working for other people full time is an abominable way to get by.

I believe the name for this group is "People Whose Parents Have Money".

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