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Visiting Denver April 2 and 3, 2006

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yea iam the sous chef at Vesta. I hope all will enjoy.

Cool!!!!! I'm sure we will enjoy hugely!!


You, lacking in savoir-faire? Sophisticates? Us?? Clearly, you guys have not met Paul yet. :D And what the hell has Mongo been telling you about me? You should know better then to believe him. (Unless, of course, he's told you that I'm almost as charming as he is. :P )


Please, Paul and I may be from NY, but we are NOT harsh critics to anyone except our own. :D In fact, Paul has almost never met an item of food he didn't like (liver and split pea soup are his only yucks), and I am most happy to eat and to meet the people I enjoy reading. :D And the friend I hope will come with us has been in Illinois a long time, and aren't all Midwesterners nice? :P Irene is.


Your only challenge is being as interesting in person as you are online. :D

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And the friend I hope will come with us has been in Illinois a long time, and aren't all Midwesterners nice?

Well, I spent the first several years of my life in Illinois and I'm a complete bitch.


Just kidding.


And you know that Mongo would never admit that anyone else is as charming as he is. :P

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Okay, I made it to Denver, even though I drove about 30 miles (and back) beyond where I should have gotten off 25. :(


I will be as on time as I can, not knowing how long it may take; Paul will be late, because he has to go to the conference reception first (at the Hyatt; and then cab over). Our friend probably won't be coming with us.


The Seattle people are a hard act to follow, but I am looking forward to meeting you guys! See you soon. :(

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Great that you've made it here Suzanne, looking forward to meeting you.


Does anybody know if there are any problems with roads driving down from Boulder County? I just heard that there's a largish brush fire burning, that started somewhere along McCaslin.


Edit: It's apparently contained, with roads opened.

Edited by fml
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Excellent dinner at Vesta last night. I think our charming out of state guests Suzanne and Paul enjoyed it as well. Plate after heaping plate of meat, veggies, and heavenly sauces arrived. We had a nice chunk of the animal kingdom represented--duck, flank steak, chicken, lamb...Great service too.


We asked about you, biedermancooks, and they told us you're going to be the "big gun" at a new place they're opening this summer on Pearl. Congrats.

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Guest biedermancooks

Sorry to all that I wasn't there last night. I tried but to no avail. I am glad that all was well and I will keep everyone posted about the new place... Steuben's @ 17th and Pearl. I cant get into exacts right now. Thanks again and hope to meet you all at another time.

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i hope any foolish notions anyone might have had about suzanne possibly being as/more charming as/than me were put to rest.

Yes, no contest...



She's much more charming! :(

And better looking.

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I had a great time, it is always nice when the food and the people are all great and that was certainly the case Sun. eve.


I hope Suzanne and Paul were also able to get to Frasca on Mon.


Thanks Robin for getting the dinner put together.



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I've been back home since Tuesday night, but this is my first chance to get online and thank you guys for the great time we had on Sunday. Wow, the food was terrific at Vesta, and yes, they took good care of us. As I said then, there was not a single dud among any of the dishes or sauces. And I loved the way the booths are set up: so that we could annoy everyone else with our noise, but were not bothered by others. :(


But it was the company that made it a really wonderful evening. From the "incredible shrinking world" experience with fml, to the bird references with CheeseMonger, to the nongeekiness of rlm, and the overall niceness of colestove -- we both had a blast. Thank you so much for taking pity on us and giving us a good destination away from DTC. :(


Edited to add: we did get to Frasca. :( See that thread for my report.


Also: Biederman: did I guess right that the sticky toffee pudding is made with figs instead of the usual dates? Your version seemed not as sweet as usual, and therefore much better. :(

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