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Burgers in NY

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I had dinner the other night with some of the Burger Club guys & gals at New York Burger Co., initially much praised elsewhere. Unfortunately, the food on the tray added up to less than the sum o

Dear, down here we say wait in line for it.   But yes, I would. If I was in the mood for that kind of burger and fries lunch, I would stand in that line for 15-20 minutes. I went at 11:30 on a

I hope he went out and raped a secretary afterward.

Oh look, they put a $25 and Under in the main review section by mistake.


Interestingly, a tweep named Larry Baldwin asked Wells why this wasn't a $25 and Under review. Wells replied that "The $25 and Under column was killed more than three years ago."


This is literally true, but Hungry City, which replaced it, fills a broadly similar niche. "Hungry City" is just an inflation-invariant name for the same idea. Restaurants like August, The Spotted Pig, and Jewel Bako were all originally $25&U restaurants, and no one thinks of them as "cheap eats".


But there was always an overlap between the two columns. Frank Bruni was supposedly disappointed that Peter Meehan reviewed Hill Country BBQ in $25&U, because he (Bruni) would have liked to give it a star. Later on, Wells came along and gave it two.


There's a pretty long list of restaurants that have been "promoted" to a starred review from $25&U status. But normally, a place like this gets the $25&U (or Hungry City) review first, and then the main critic comes along later, after it has passed the test of time.

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Interestingly, though, although "Hungry City" abandons the $25 cut-off, the column seems more limited to "cheap eats" than "$25 & Under" was. As you note, "$25 & Under" frequently featured cheaper "normal" restaurants, whereas "Hungry City" seems MAINLY (obviously not invariably) limited to ethnic places and holes-in-the-wall (which is not to suggest that Superiority Burger doesn't count as a hole-in-the-wall appropriate for "Hungry City").

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Can anyone shed some light on why Superiority Burger gets a review and an "At the Table" in the same week?



Probably has a great (and persistent) PR person.



Because it's Brooks. There's been a lot of PR on him, and this burger, over the last 12 months.

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