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Is there one that doesn't give you reverse racoon eyes? That doesn't cake up and settle into the lines around the eyes? That actually makes you look better with it on than without it? I haven't found it, although I keep looking.

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Lippy have you tried YSL's touche eclat? That one works for me.


Or Laura Mercier secret camouflage (I think that's what its called). Its more covering and every compact comes with two tones that you mix together to match your skin exactly.


The touche eclat is faster and more convenient and gets extra points from me because it comes in a color specially mixed for asian women. But that Laura mercier works better for blemishes.

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another trick, instead of concealer, is a soft small-ish blush brush, and compressed white powder. A light dusting ( I just close my eyes and poke the brush right into the socket!) and it brightens the entire area. this is more of a mid day freshen up trick than an application trick, though.

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i use Vincent Longo concealer - very good to conceal dark circles, and comes in several shades. I would also recommend Prescriptives Vibrant Instant Eye Brightener for Dark Circles on top or instead.

another vote for vincent longo creme concealer in the small black pot. goes on smoothly with no tugging and has never caked up on me. his stick concealer is also nice, but doesn't last as long for some reason.

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