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Doesn't he? After packing him around for 39 weeks and going through 14 hours of labour, I'm a wee bit chagrined to discover that I have left no discernable imprint on him whatsoever. 



Except that he looks to have inherited both of your height genes! What is he? In the 200th percentile for age/height? Even in that pic, he looks long!

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I can so imagine a baby with Mr. Tuna's hair & specs. Heh.


He's neither supertall nor superheavy - 75th percentile for both. And he's changed quite a bit since that photo was taken, but we haven't bothered to upload the pics yet.

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I wonder if the lad will be cooking Medieval feasts like his father?


Handsome boy! Looks healthy, happy and smart.


I love children, wish my wife would agree to having 4 more. But you know I'm not the one who has to carry the baby for 40 weeks, nevermind the labor. Men are too wimpy for labor.

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