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For years, Dom has quietly tried to discourage slice orders. He's a good businessman so he, at first, kept the pie price at $24 or so but raised the slice price to $5 (yes, there are 8 slices/pie).

new park in howard beach, but i've only had it as take out. i don't wander around howard beach without an armed detail. i also like la rondine and dani's in kew gardens. 3 very different slices.

I was just about to say that same thing. Time flies, indeed.

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Miss A pointed out correctly, they don't have the right size foil for their square slices.. So, you get to watch them, in real time, piece together 4 sheets of foil in order to put it in the box.  One would imagine, they make foil squares in many different sizes. 






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And here I sit so patiently,Waiting to find out what priceYou have to pay to get out ofGoing through all these things twice.


tradition at this point
Yep. Twice would be quite the understatement.


Of course, there was the time (many years ago now) that the DOH closed him down for having dead flies in the pizzeria. He, like every other pizza place, had a front window thru which he sold ices, etc. I suggested to him that he put a “no flies allowed” sign up to solve the problem.

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