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Hey mitchell I read someplace that Pepe's (I think) opened up in Fairfield? Did you check it out?


Yep they did open in Fairfield. Just like in New Haven, already inconsistent. I've gone three times, the first visit being by far the best. It was also when they were the least busy. The regular pies on my last visit to the Fairfield location were just okay. The clam pie was very good. I also think they vacuum out the oven in Fairfield too frequently. I kind of like those burnt little kernels of corn meal. All that vacuuming makes the pies too "clean."


Just like New Haven, you have to wait outside. They seem to crank out the "to go" pies faster than the pies for table customers so the waits can be very long even though the line doesn't appear to be long at all.

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For years, Dom has quietly tried to discourage slice orders. He's a good businessman so he, at first, kept the pie price at $24 or so but raised the slice price to $5 (yes, there are 8 slices/pie).

new park in howard beach, but i've only had it as take out. i don't wander around howard beach without an armed detail. i also like la rondine and dani's in kew gardens. 3 very different slices.

I was just about to say that same thing. Time flies, indeed.

I am not surprised he's not having a good time.


Fascinating reports from Rosengarten and Gatti. I just won't do it - go through that kind of process to get any pizza.


Just like I don't go to Di Palo's on Saturdays any more.

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Went back in November the day before Robert did 'upthread'.

Ordered a square and round and while the round was one of the very best pizza's I ever tasted the square fell short. Could have been expected though as I watched the pie sit on the counter precooked for 45 minutes until I ordered it and then finished in the oven. By then the bottom was totally black.


Was I glad I experienced it? Absolutely. Was it worth driving down from the Saratoga area and waiting 3 hours? Not really.

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Does Dom have a succession plan? Will he turn over the reigns to his son?



Not knowing the man and having been there only once but having read some stuff about his m.o., I would think he does not care one bit about succession. He probably thinks that no one can do it like he can. The smart thing then would be for his son to document the way the father does everything. This is not rocket science guys.

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I could see the torch being passed to the guy who runs Lucali's. Apparently, he is very Dom-esque in his methods of pizza making. He uses the best ingredients, is methodical, and isn't interested in doing things quickly or turning tables.


edit: But he is not an elitist like the Pizza Napoletana guy.

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Latest from our roving reporter. Di Fara's is closed.




Don't panic. It's closed today, and for a good reason. Dom is to be guest of honor at the Brooklyn State of the Boro address. What's more, borough president Marty Markowitz is interviewing him for a television broadcast at 7pm. Can't quite confirm the channel, but rumors suggest New York 1. Could be an item on Road to City Hall.


If anyone finds it, a recording would be valuable. :lol:

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