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The least well executed meal there so far, further supporting evidence to that the kitchen works better when WD is away. Go on Sundays.   Started with Manila clams, sake noodles, kimchee paper - an

Wilf, you can always get back at any offender by taking an unfortunate situation with irony because “there is always a secret irritation about a laugh in which [he/she] cannot join.†(Agnes Reppli

Speaking as the pro and in defense of, I feel that parties of eight are inherently limiting re food quality from the kitchen. I find them notoriously difficult to do and generally dread them. If I a

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As an "old-ish" guy, part of me cries out "that's not pizza!".  But, I just don't feel that way.  I may not like some combinations or riffs on traditional ingredients, but I applaud the attempt to stimulate my tastebuds with new ideas.  I may not have wanted to order the taco or pineapple bagels I found in L.A. 40 years ago, but I no longer think of it as blasphemy.   Maybe the turning point was 20 or so years ago, when I actually liked Paulie Gee's pizza with honey on it or discovered that Nutella was on dessert "pizzas" in parts of Italy.  Whatever.  Go for it Wylie.


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Sad but understandable that, in his fifties, Wylie doesn't want to run a big deal kitchen again.

I heard a lot from Kevin Adey the other day about what that involves.

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I’ve had the pizza he was selling in union square. if dop or pda (two random fancy pizza places in park slope) started selling his pizza without using his name no one would notice.

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