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Show us your kitchens(s)!

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Kitchen from the living/dining room.




The next few take you round from right to left.


Dishwasher/fridge through the door.




Sink, dishwasher, fridge and onion (this was 30 minutes ago after I'd started tonight's dinner).




Hob, with grading professor.







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so that the plebs can feel better:








as you can see, we are neat freaks.


and my spice cupboard:



we're very excited about the kitchen in our prospective new home (which passed inspection yesterday)--it is about 1.7 times the size of this one, very bright and airy, has granite countertops, lots more storage space, and comes with fancy ge profile gas range and a bosch dishwasher.

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How do you like the induction cooktop? (that is what it is?)

Oh, I wish. The only induction cooktop I could find in the US was a French one (I've done a quick google and can't find it). It was both very expensive (I remember $5k) and had an odd diamond shaped distribution of rings. So we opted for a glass/ceramic cooktop with conventional elements.


Although the response is quite quick, it's underpowered. I'm used to electric so I'm not bothered but for those used to gas, I think it'd be a nightmare.

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These are photos of the kitchen at Eyebrow's house in upstate NY, where we spend a lot of weekends (including this one), and I do a lot of cooking. Eyebrows' parents bought the house in 1970. The house was built in the late 18th century, and Eyebrows' parents added the addition that includes this kitchen in about 1975.














This is the view out the big picture window. Spring has not sprung up here yet. In a few weeks it will be very green in everything will bloom.


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