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Show us your kitchens(s)!

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Here's Seattle Kitchen #2, which I don't miss a single bit.





Looks pretty, but this has to be the worst kitchen I have ever cooked in. Dishwasher positioned so you couldn't stand at the sink to load it (which could have been easily solved by swapping the dishwasher and sink locations), crappy american cabinets that wasted space, 12-x-12 granite tile countertops with wood facing -- I can't tell you the amount of food that got stuck in the grout and how awkward the wood edges were. Really, an atrocity of a kitchen. All show and no go.




For the sake of completeness, here's the kitchen I miss:



The fridge and pantry were in a butler's pantry at the rear of the kitchen (to the right of the shot here). Miles of uninterrupted counter space, glorious stove with ventilation to match, plenty of natural light, lots of room for cookbooks close at hand but out of the way. The sink was a little small for my needs, but that's the only thing I remember ever being frustrating to me in that kitchen.



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And now for something completely different:







It needs to be gutted down to the studs, but I intend to reproduce the look/feel of it as much as possible, only with cabinets, an island and a hood.

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OK- so this is my dream NY apartment. I imagine you go to a show and then to Sardis for drinks with the cast (your dear friend wrote the play) then all the gang heads back to your place for a cold buffet while you wait up for the reviews and to see if there's a mention in Winchell's column. Thelma Ritter is your maid. She's a little crass but she has a heart of gold and is devoted to you. She makes fun of your show biz friends but secretly is impressed.

Why, thank you.


However, being steely minded Trotskyites, we would never invite anything as louche as an actor to our soirees. We favour philosophers, union leaders, radical activists, representatives of repressed minorities and the transgendered.

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Ok, here is my cookbook shelf and cooking area


Then, the dining area, and the view. The spruces are over 80 ft tall, the pool is in the foreground, the pond in the background




This is my favorite spot in the house…to sit and read and think


The pantries, open and shut. The stairs under the artwork lead to the finished walkkout basement, which has another kitchen used for outdoor entertaining or prep.




the basement kitchen, needs seriouls help but has a big sink and new GE oven I use to bake or roast.


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oh GG... yours is a kitchen after my own heart.


here's mine in all its unglory: (talk about needing to be gutted down to the studs)


stove & fridge:



another view:



sink, cupboards, homemade chopping block: (speakin' a... I hate that stainless sink)



free standing cupboard:


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