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Eleven Madison Park

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I've been a couple of times before and although perfectly ok I found it pretty ho hum; neither as exciting as a top tier restaurant (the Danny Meyer effect) nor as satisfying as a decent bistro. But a

I look forward to the next iteration, when he transforms it into the first NFT restaurant, with menus of Non-Food Tokens for 500 Ethereum. You sit at a table and look at pictures of food and wine bott

Then Goldilocks cried out, "Someone's been playing with my FOOD!"

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It's going to be big: two storeys and 14,000 sq feet. The landlord describes it as 'a Four Seasons on steroids for the 21st century' and that Humm and Guidara are seeking to be No 1 [on the San Pellegrino list?] in the world.


I wonder how many sq feet the dining areas of The NoMad amount to?


Edited: I presume if Humm and Guidara do ever achieve first place, it will be for EMP and not this place, but the landlord [knowingly?] seems to conflate the two efforts.


The Four Seasons seems an unexpected comparison. I suppose the building is trying to pull the Midtown expense-account crowd?

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I agree, the landlord seems to have conflated two very different ideas. EMP must surely be the restaurant that will reach #1 on the SP list, if any of them do.


The Four Seasons analogy is probably not the best one, given that restaurant's recent troubles. Even before that happened, The Four Seasons was widely seen as a dinosaur (whether fairly or not). It's not a comparison that is going to get pulses racing.

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Is this the trope of the month?


Between this and that Brit's "problems" with high-end NYC dining, a big snooze. You don't like these places, be it as a customer or as an employee, go the fuck somewhere else.


Like, you know, one of the noisy, uncomfortable, no-reservations, customer doesn't matter - it's all about the "chef" places.

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The problem with the Brit is she hates cheap places too. Hates everything.


But I agree, this is nothing new, just the wheel turning again.

The article is basically rehashing the chapter in Bonfire of the Vanities where Arthur Ruskin has a heart attack during lunch while being interviewed by Peter Fallow. Except at that point the restaurant was basically supposed to be Le Cirque.

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