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Eleven Madison Park

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I've been a couple of times before and although perfectly ok I found it pretty ho hum; neither as exciting as a top tier restaurant (the Danny Meyer effect) nor as satisfying as a decent bistro. But a

I look forward to the next iteration, when he transforms it into the first NFT restaurant, with menus of Non-Food Tokens for 500 Ethereum. You sit at a table and look at pictures of food and wine bott

EMP Miami 🤣

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Suckers take the bait.


Why wouldn't you come up with a new theme every year or two if it gets you this kind of earned media? I mean, inspired by Lucio Fontana? It's like, how stupid do we have to make it sound before food writers smell a rat?


Eleven Madison Park Drops Its Minimalist Grid Menu

The grid menu at Eleven Madison Park was always an object of beautiful mystery. So many restaurant menus these days are cluttered and clogged with data: the provenance of your eggs, the name of the

November 28, 2012 - By JEFF GORDINIER
At Eleven Madison Park, a New Minimalism

Eleven Madison Park turned heads in 2012 by giving its stately refinement an injection of gee-whiz theatricality: an elaborate four-hour tasting menu that set out to celebrate highlights of New York

January 06, 2016 - By JEFF GORDINIER

In the 14 years since it opened, Eleven Madison Park has slowly become one of the most elegant and esteemed restaurants in New York City. With its high ceilings and hushed grandeur, it feels like a

July 28, 2012 - By JEFF GORDINIER

THERE’S something Whitmanesque about what Daniel Humm, the chef ofEleven Madison Park, and Will Guidara, the general manager, envision for their restaurant when it reveals its reinvention on

September 05, 2012 - By JEFF GORDINIER
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I humorlessly could write a long post explaining why a place like Rao's is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. But thankfully, I won't.


If you do, I'll write an essay entitled "Why Lucio Fontana and not Barnett Newman? Fissures in Daniel Humm's Gastronomy."

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