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Eleven Madison Park

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I've been a couple of times before and although perfectly ok I found it pretty ho hum; neither as exciting as a top tier restaurant (the Danny Meyer effect) nor as satisfying as a decent bistro. But a

I look forward to the next iteration, when he transforms it into the first NFT restaurant, with menus of Non-Food Tokens for 500 Ethereum. You sit at a table and look at pictures of food and wine bott

A visitor having business with the lord arrives at a great manor house in Western Europe.  He is greeted by the lady of the house. "And where is your husband?", the visitor asks, after pleasantri

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3 minutes ago, Sneakeater said:

I guess if they sent everyone with a January reservation an email telling them of the change and giving them an easy way to cancel, it wouldn't be THAT bad.

I wonder if they did?  I'll be so.

It doesn’t go into effect until February 3rd. So the charge for January diners is still tip included. It’s the February diners who have already booked who will be adversely affected by the change.


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23 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

I mean it’s not like they dropped the portion of the price that represented the service charge.  You’re still paying the same -- but not getting all you were told you'd get. 

It's no different than if you prepaid for a seven-course tasting menu dinner on Tock, but when you got there they gave you only four courses, without increasing the portion size.

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I took a quick look at Tock. February is not fully booked. Out of curiosity, I’m going to keep an eye on reservations going forward to see if this change will have any effect on bookings.

P.S. I would love to know what precipitated this change. In the past, I would have been able to find out. Unfortunately, now, there is nobody I can ask.

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6 minutes ago, Sneakeater said:

Also, for the record, I have a feeling that Orik, unlike me, isn't passing judgment on EMP.  I think he's only noting their cleverness in gaming Tock.

Oh, I'm certainly passing judgement on them. First the meat room, now this... 

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5 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

Tipping isn't a reward for good service.  It's the way these people get paid, since the restaurant is permitted to pay tipped employees below minimum -- and even at places that pay above minimum, salary is set with the expectation of tips.  (Which makes you curious how EMP's compensation arrangements changed after reintroduction of tipping.)

It's really a disgusting system.

Of course. It’s so easy to forget that because of the language in which it’s garbed. Like the “convenience” charge when you buy a ticket online. WTF?

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I had a long conversation with some friends on this topic a couple weeks ago, during which we determined that almost always, if you follow the money trail high enough, you can find someone horrible profiting from everything you do (and Anschutz himself is a big reason -- concerts and sports). It kinda sucks.

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1 hour ago, sweatshorts said:

you can find someone horrible profiting from everything you do (and Anschutz himself is a big reason -- concerts and sports). It kinda sucks.

Right - they're horrible people, and it kinda sucks, and they help with the money for the building of hospitals, universities, concert halls, wings of museums, etc.;  basically, the price they pay for being so horrible.

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