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What I DID say was that there were aspects of the quality of life in poorer and third world cities which if they were dealt with would improve that quality of life for everyone. One should be able to say that and discuss it without a load of people getting defensive and telling you that certain things about London life, or life in the USA are shitty too because they have post colonialist guilt about anybody criticising devlopoing countries.


No you didn't, you were agreeing that Turks are peasants and that personal space issues were analogous to toxic fumes and dogshit. In the meantime, reasoned arguments were being deleted (my own, amongst them).


Note: This post has been edited by the admin team on 4/26, after asking LML to address a violation of the guidelines and receiving a reply from him stating that he would not do so.


Admin clarification: "reasoned arguments were being deleted" refers to posts on OA, not Mouthfuls.

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The Republic of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti) or simply Turkey (Türkiye) is a Eurasian country located mainly in the Anatolian peninsula in Asia, with a small portion of its territory located in the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe.


The Greater Middle East is a political term used to refer to the Arab World together with Turkey, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
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Istanbul is in the European part, yes? :lol:


Quite right!



I've moved into Elsewhere in Europe, leaving a link in Middle East and Africa for folks who might be planning a trip to other parts of Turkey (which are -- geographically at least -- in the Middle East)


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Quite right!


From the Wikipedia:


Europe includes all the Ural Mountains and the Greater Caucasus (not least Mount Elbrus, which would be the highest point in Europe), while the Lesser Caucasus are located entirely in Asia. Russia and Kazakhstan have both European (western) and Asian (eastern) parts (and Russia even had a North American part, before Alaska was sold to the United States in 1867). The Turkish city Istanbul lies in both Europe and Asia; effectively making it a transcontinental city. Georgia's capital Tbilisi is located exactly on the border by this definition, while its south-eastern city Rustavi and Azerbaijan's capital Baku are both in Europe. By this definition, the Georgian republics South Ossetia and Abkhazia lie entirely in Europe, but Azerbaijan's exclave of Nakhichevan is located entirely in Asia.

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Also true. Which neighborhoods were these restaurants in again? My bagels were in Nisantasi, so my posts should remain in the Europe forum.




You don't very often see Middle Eastern or African countries trying to join the EU.


And Israel gets to be in the Eurovision song contest. Whadayya gonna do?

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