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bonefish grill in secaucus, nj

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Never been there, but it's a big operation. They're in 27 states.


Thank you for your interest in Bonefish Grill. At Bonefish Grill, it is our goal to produce a culture based on reverence and camaraderie. It starts with our dedication to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction within our "polished casual" atmosphere. At Bonefish Grill we are seeking people with like minds, integrity and passion to insure success within each Bonefish Grill.


Corporate Opportunities

Bonefish Grill is a member of the Outback Steakhouse Company of restaurants that include Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse, Roy's, Lee Roy Selmon's, Cheeseburger In Paradise and Paul Lee's Chinese Kitchen. If you are interested in learning more about all of the corporate opportunities within OSI, click here and you will re-directed to a page intended specifically for you; maybe our newest team member.

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It's decent, barely.


I've been to one in SC (parents choice). It's not bad. Nice atmosphere. It's ok if you stick to plain grillled items. I wouldn't go back unless I wanted to be a good son and they insisted :lol: but I'd try to push for elsewhere.


It looks like there's a Legal Seafood nearby..also a chain...but not a megachain like Outback. I haven't been to that specific Legal's but I'd choose them over Bonefish..far better food.





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There's a nice writeup about the Paramus Legal Seafoods on the blog tommyeats


However, that blog appears to be down at the moment



I eat at Legal a lot. Maybe once a month. Eh. It's a dinner house chain. They serve fish. None of it is particularly bad. None of it is particularly great. For me it's one of those convenient restaurants that happens to be in an area that I frequent a lot.


The last time I was there the oysters (cape cods) were down right mediocre. The calamari trio above average. The fried clams approaching inedible.


I go back. As I say it's convenient. The (bagged) NE clam chowder ain't the best I've eaten, but I like it. The Lobster Roll ranges from average to very good, but at 17 bucks for a 1 and a 1/4-1/2 pound lobster meat filled roll, I think it's a bargain.


Overall it's a reasonably priced half way decent fish house.


The top shelf booze is a bargain, though.

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I had dinner at the Bonefish Grill in Paramus earlier this week. Not my choice, the hosts suggested it in lieu of my suggestion of Picnic.


Overall, it was OK. There were some things that were very impressive, like it was filled at 6.30pm. Two large rooms, plus a bar with dining areas. Probably 75% filled at 9pm, which says a lot for NJ on a Tuesday night.


The menu is limited, but has a considerable range. Several different salads, a corn and clam chowder, many appetizers ("starters") like waygu beef and ginger dumplings, bang bang shrimp, etc. From what I could see of other tables, the appy portions were significant. Entrees were well described, but generally inexpensive pieces of fish like longfin tilapia, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, shrimp fettucine, etc. Prices were in the $15 - $18 range, with lower priced small servings available. The restaurant also offers "hand helds" which include an Angus burger, several kinds of fish tacos, a tilapia burger with upgrades to salmon or Dorado etc. The burger looked to be of decent size. There are several chicken items, a steak (with an upgrade to filet mignon), etc.


The waitstaff was up selling aggressively. I ordered a Margarita (good price at $6, I think), and was offered an upgrade to Patron for $3 more. Dee ordered a red wine, and was offered an upgrade to a "super Tuscan" etc. Also offers to add additional items etc on entrees. They were good at it, a lot of people took them up on the deal.


I had a Tokyo style Ahi tuna, which was a big eye tuna in generous thick slices, maybe five in all, dusted with sesame and black pepper. Nicely presented, good piece of fish for $18. Good taste, choice of dipping sauces was offered.


Good, attentive, well trained staff. Drinks came promptly, the waitstaff advised a few minutes before the food came out, etc. Tables turned quickly, bussers were well trained, plating was attractive, etc


I wouldn't be in a hurry to go back, but it wasn't bad. It would be a very nice place for a few of those cheap drinks and appetizers or hand helds in the bar. Our tab worked out to $30 a person with tax, but before tip. One entree each, six drinks, several coffees and desserts among four of us.



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Yup, we've been reeled in a few times while visiting fam in Stuart. Nothing to get excited over but of the chain gang it’s pretty damn good. I’m always impressed with the bread. Very fresh and seemingly right out of the oven. (Probably Pilsbury). The bang bang shrimp, though an artery clogger, are deep fried spicy fun. Baja fish tacos and trout not bad either. (Just thinking what we had last time) If they weren’t catering to the masses with the over cooking/frying/stuffing, excessive butter, cheese, etc it could be so much better but we know that already. Yea, for what it is not bad at all. Fine dining for some folks.

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A good summary of the Paramus Bonefish--




P.S.: RP: Red Lobster is packed as well, but it's beyond horrible in every way.


It sounds like tommy's adventure at the bar was a disaster. Bar food is often a step above the average in the same restaurant. FWIW, my meal was OK, not exceptional, not horrific. Ahi tuna with a light sear, dusted with sesame.


I'm not defending Bonefish, but many restaurant owners in NJ would be delighted to be packing the place with customers on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday nights.

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I'm not defending Bonefish, but many restaurant owners in NJ would be delighted to be packing the place with customers on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday nights.


Yes, it's true Paul, but is being packed a sign of anything but that restaurant goers in the burbs are just intellectually lazy and pick safe choices? Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Ponderosa, all "packed", but I personally wouldn't go near any of those places, the food there reminds me of the stuff pictured on the Nutrisystem ads.


Chain restaurants have been debated here often, they are very successful, don't know, like I said for the lazy reasons, or perhaps it's part of the old Holiday Inn ads of "no surprises". Well, for me, to get an outstanding restaurant experience, one must do research and take a risk. The rewards are not there often but when they are, they are worth it.

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