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Warehouse Freezer Sale!!!


D’Artagnan will be holding its first ever


and Sunday May 20 & 21 from 10 – 4pm


This sale is open to the general public and will

feature special discount prices never before



Items for sale will include


Lamb Racks 2.25 lb avg @ $33.50 each


Whole Poussin @ $3.28 each


Whole Quail 4 pack @ $7.00 each


Wild Boar Shoulder 5.5 lb avg @ $28.00 each


D'Artagnan, Inc.

280 Wilson Avenue

Newark, NJ 07105

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Nice sale.  For our graduation dinner from culinary school (prepared and served at the James Beard House), I made an hors d'oeuvre of one bite duck tacos.

I don't remember their HAVING those super-small Rohan breasts or that wild boar mini-roast.  It's like they're finally really thinking about us Pathetic Single People.

Tangential, yes, but if you're coming out to NJ, consider a stop at Stokes Farm - they just opened their new 7000 sq. ft greenhouse and are open 7 days a week, 9-6.

23 De Wolf Road

Old Tappan, NJ


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How does NJT feel about shopping carts on their busses (the boxy kind I use to get my groceries home, not the supermarket behemoths)? Or even just open cartons on luggage schleppers?


You might want to give their customer service people a call and ask. I have seen people at the busstop with those two-wheel handcarts many times, so my guess is it's OK.

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Sale on now, until 4 pm today and from 10am to 4pm tomorrow.


Got back a little while ago, with about 25 pounds of assorted meats and poulty (all frozen). There were virtually no other customers there -- just a family waiting to pick up their order while I decided on mine, which meant that my only wait was while they picked my stuff from the freezer.


You take an order form and fill in how many you want of whichever items, hand it in, they pick it from the freezer and bring it in cartons to the loading dock where you are waiting (inside). They log the order, you pay (cash or credit card) and you're on your way. Very nice people to deal with.


A word of warning if you go by public transportation via Newark Penn Station. Make sure you get the #25 bus heading toward Doremus Ave or the Essex County Correctional Facility, NOT the one labeled "Springfield Avenue/Maplewood." Totally opposite direction. The correct bus takes you straight down Market to Ferry Street (the Ironbound), then onto Wilson Avenue and stops almost directly in front of D'Artagnan (you enter through the parking lot at the far end of the block). Oh, and the bus takes $1 bills plus change, so you don't need a pocketful of quarters.

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I know we're all supposed to be abandoning D'Artagnan for Fossil, but D'Artagnan seemingly can read my mind. Like, just when I'm thinking how much I'd like to mess with their Salt Meadow Lamb at home, I get an email telling me they're selling off their remaining seasonal stock at 30% off.


I got a belly. I think I see another Poitrine d'Agneau Sainte Ménéhould in my immediate future.

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