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I don't know this area at all, but some friends that work near there are suggesting a lunch. So far, all I've heard is "Applebee's" :lol:


Please help me avoid the nastiness that is Applebee's! Anything good in that area? I know nothing down there. There has to be something non-chain, doesn't there?

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There are not a lot of non-chain places in the Park Meadows area as I remember. There are a few places north of Park Meadows on Arapahoe around I-25. Two chinese places , Hoong's Palace on Havana so of Arapahoe(next to Outback) and (Something, I can't remember) Panda buffet just west of Dayton on Arap. There is also Jabbos BBQ just so of Arap on Dayton. A pretty good Mexican place called El Azteca just east of Peoria on Arap. Pats cheesesteak is on Arap. just east of I-25. I just remembered Brewery Bar has a place somewhere down around Park Meadows I have not eaten there but they are supposed to have great green chili and good rellanos(sp?).


If I think of anything else down that way I'll let you know. There are a lot of places better than Applebees but they are also chains as I remember.


Good Luck



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Thanks colestove,


Since I have no knowedge of that area, I was unable to make any suggestions. I'll present your offerings to the girls and see what shakes out! They know I'm pretty anti-chain, so it won't be hard to get them out of Applebee's, but I wanted to be able to offer alternatives.



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