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Bosom/Bra Shapes

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After recently seeing a film from the '50s , I began to think about what cultural influences were responsible for the torpedo shaped chests of mid-century modern women and of all the other shapes of bosom that have been around over time.


Flappers emphasized flatness; The 60's women supported lack of support; etc.

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But fashion doesn't just arise out of a vacuum. One would think that with the return to the home after the war that the artifice of pointy breasts wouldn't be compatible with the family and children scene.

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I've definitely noticed recently that most female clothing mannequins, as well as some male, in all sorts of stores (both the big chains like Gap and smaller high fashion boutiques) and are now sporting quite prominent nipples, that definitely show through whatever clingy shirts they may be displaying. Correct me if my memory is faulty, but it seems that just a couple of years ago mannequins were uniformly smooth chested. Guess America wanted more after the Janet Jackson Superbowl wardrobe malfunction?

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Next up.... areolas. :lol:


But, yes, mannequins had no nipples until recently. I guess it goes along with overt sexuality. No nipples on mannequins in some countries. Then again, perhaps no mannequins either. :lol:

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