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Oh what a comeback game that was yesterday! Great cheers for the Boomer; great bottom of the ninth (!), two out comeback; and then the exciting finish in the 12th. It's a thrill to tune in whenever

I love Jeter's leather this time of year.

I have heard Yankees fans, conscious of the team's pitching deficiencies, say that the Cardinals will go all the way this year.

Are Burnett's problems (three lousy starts in a row) physical or mental?

He and Posada don't work well together - it happens. Then they start second guessing each other. I would pair him with Molina the rest of the season, let him get his confidence back and then once the playoffs come, it shouldn't matter who is catching him.

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Can anyone parse this comment in the Times?


Gehrig was far more prolific as a run producer, but Jeter matched his hit total Wednesday in just 64 fewer plate appearances.



Apart from the sheer oddness (just 64 fewer? how many fewer should it be?), as far as I can see Jeter had several hundred more at-bats than Gehrig, while playing exactly 44 fewer games. So what on earth does the sentence mean, if anything?

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In the end, I messed up by about three minutes. I had been discussing important business affairs in a bar without a TV on one side of the street, judged that the game might be starting, crossed the street to the bar with a TV, and entered just as the applause faded. It was a dramatic enough entrance, of course, because I stepped through the door, looked at the TV, shouted fuck and slammed my umbrella on the floor.


Oh well.

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