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The Yankees Thread

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46 minutes ago, Anthony Bonner said:

ETA: I love the emotion and the trash talking. If you think that didn't happen in 80's you are kidding yourself. Some of the Larry Bird trash talk stories are incredible.

Absolutely the trash talking happened.  And Bird was a master of it no doubt. But it wasn't for IG or Twitter necessarily.

1 hour ago, joethefoodie said:

When I see the celebrating and the posing that goes on today,

I was more referring to the non-trash talking stuff, which to my eyes make it seem more like pro wrestling (of which I was a fan when I was 10 or 12, the good old days of Bruno Sammartino and Baron Mikel Scicluna, he of Maltese descent). Like when the whole team poses in the end zone after a TD (even if they're losing by 4 TDs), or the flexing of muscles while your teammate pretends to be rolling a movie camera (the Alonso move). I don't think it necessarily cheapens the game; it just makes me not want to watch, the same way I'm sure a 2-1 pitcher's duel or a 10-7 final score in football makes many people want to scream.

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Oh what a comeback game that was yesterday! Great cheers for the Boomer; great bottom of the ninth (!), two out comeback; and then the exciting finish in the 12th. It's a thrill to tune in whenever

I love Jeter's leather this time of year.

I have heard Yankees fans, conscious of the team's pitching deficiencies, say that the Cardinals will go all the way this year.

To think I saw the Yankees thread pop up and I assumed someone was posting about last night's "Field of Dreams" game played in Iowa.

MLB couldn't have asked for a better night. Yes, there was a lot of shtick. But it was a good game in what appeared to be a gorgeous setting. Sounds like they're planning on making it an annual thing, kind of like Hockey's annual outdoor game on New Years Day.

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