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Pure Food and Wine

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I think that's the name of the restaurant, anyway - I'll correct the title if it isn't. Whether or not you find the raw food concept intriguing, it's at least nice to see the old Verbena space being put to use, especially the garden. :)

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I think that's the name of the restaurant, anyway - I'll correct the title if it isn't. Whether or not you find the raw food concept intriguing, it's at least nice to see the old Verbena space being

No, that wasn’t it. Vas Deferens, maybe.

starting to think wharton is no guaranty of business acumen

Thanks Jin, that makes more sense.


Counter serves a lot of organic wines, so I'd be surprised if they don't. I'm going to try for a table, if only to sit out in that cute little garden again.

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I had the most incredible dinner at Pure Food and Wines last night. Firstly, I was blown away by the transformation of the place. The walls are a dark wood mixed up with a burnt orange color which go beautifully with the deep red chairs, dark wood tables and oatmeal colored burlap(?) banquettes. They sorta itched by butt through my dress, maybe my dress was to thin? but somethig to remember,,,,,,


There were small votives on each table and 3 photos of a duck on the northern wall. I happened to like the duck photos, he/she was placed in front of a blue painted door, which added a nice touch of color to the already red tones in the room. One showed it quacking, one just standing and another leaning. Ah and I used to really like to eat duck,,, oh well.


The garden in the back is bigger than the actual restaurant, or at least it looked that way.


Upon sitting, I was given a little bowl of olive oil with sea salt and some veggies. I had never seen purple cauliflower before, and it was quite lovely and tasted great. Apparently the veggies, including sea bean, cucumber and white and purple cucumber had been in a dehydrater or bring out the flavors and colors. I was a little confused though bc they were still crisp and fresh not dried, as I would think that dehydrated food would be.


Nonetheless the menu was very exciting too. Every dish was a mix of fresh flavors, great spices and colorful pairing. I was going between the ginger and carrot soup with micro cilantro and avocado-lime oil and the Summer rolls. I opted for the summer rolls but I told the waiter that I write on a food board and would it be possible if I could try a shot or a small cup of the soup and the kitchen obliged.


All of the food presented to me looked like art work. The colors were vibrant and fresh, they looked like they had just been plucked from wherever they grew.


The rolls were delicious, they came out sprinkled with black sesame seeds,inside there was julienned papaya, radishes, sunflower sprouts,avocado and carrot. the dip was a coconut-chili sauce. I am a total baby when it comes to spices, but this one had the perfect kick without me having to drink a glass of water.


The carrot-gigner soup was really nice as well. It was very refreshing served cold, but not too cold. There was more of a carrot flavor but still the ginger flavor was dectectable but not too overpowering.


My entree was the zuchhini-green sebra lasagna. This was one of the most beautiful entrees i ve been served in a while. Fresh bright red tomatos graced the top of the square "lasagna". The ingrediants included a rich tomato sauce, basil pistachio pesto, marinated wild mushrooms and pine nut ricotta. It was just so incredible, I ve never tasted more ripe tomatoes in my life. The pesto and sundried tomato layers were full of spices and flavors that could make someone never want to eat meat again, ( though that s not their intention) The pine nut ricotta was delicious too and did taste cheesey, remarkably enough,,,,,,,,,,



For dessert i had a dark chocolate chip cookie with pisatchio and chocolate icceram made from coconut milk. The icecream was great but the cookie could ve been better, it was a little too chewy for my taste,,,,,,, they had a strawberry and honey ginger parfait which I ll try next time


Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Anyone who likes great , high quality food will love this place. You leave full but refreshed in a way, knowing htat you only ate really healthy food, but its so full of flavor that you wonder why all other vegan places are so bad!


Request the garden, it fills up quickly! and they also played some of my favorite bands, which is always a good sign.



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Great report. I'm really looking forward to this meal. Did you notice if there was a tasting menu?

I did not see a tasting menu, nope,maybe one to come? W, it was just so good, i d go back with you whever you want and the prices are reasonable, most expensive entree was $23,,,, aps are about 8- $12 desserts $7,,,,, i m not a big drinking but they had some nice wines by the glass too

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