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Bonefish Grill-Westminster, CO

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rlm, after seeing how much you participate in things like this I would imagine you would already have a pretty good understanding that you wouldn't be going into Bonefish enjoying "a quiet relaxing dining experience".


What can I say--I let the couple at Frasca's salumi bar lead me astray with their endorsement. They weren't visibly drunk like their friend from Dallas, and I don't think they were putting me on, as I have a pretty good BS detector. I've chatted about restaurants with other customers and staffers at Frasca in the past (everything from Manresa to Big Papa's BBQ), but this was the first time someone recommended a stinker.

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So I’m wondering which food magazine or other business sold me down the river, as I received some targeted marketing from Bonefish Grill in the mail the other day. I guess I am supposed to feel special about their “exclusive invitation to indulge.” The color brochure includes laudatory comments from such bastions of integrity as the Orlando Sentinel (“Critics’ choice, Best seafood!”) and the Indianapolis Monthly (“The menu is extremely diverse, and the fish, of course, is excellent.”).


I wept.

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