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Jian Bing in Shanghai

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Gary, what's the filling? Is it soyskin and sweet soy?

Yeah... those puppies are nice. And dirt cheap too!


A - the filling is a crispy square of deep-fried dough - I assume wheat flour rather than soy. The sauce is some of kind of chilli sauce; can't remember exactly wot





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What conditions were those eggs grown in? :P

I believe they came out of the rear end of a chicken, as is customary in China.

In America, chickens cough up their eggs like bulemics: orally.


Well, you knew that, right?


(I will not use emoticons. I want anyone who Googles this page to get the results they deserve.)

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Gary, did you post about other things that you ate in Shanghai and I missed it? I might be there this fall (crossing my fingers) and I'd love to know what you recommend.


Am now definitely going to have to find a Jian Bing seller.

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