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[Austin] High Profile Chefs/Food People

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Just curious.


Who, in your opinion, are the high profile chefs/restauranteurs/food lovers/food entrepreneurs in this town? I'm talking about people who, if you saw their photos somewhere, you'd instantly know who they are.


Men and women, please.

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I recognize those with whom I've taken a class at Central Market. Johnny Carino comes immediately to mind. And Hoover.


Oh, and I also recognize Harry Knowles, who I guess doesn't count, despite the fact that I often see him, too, at Central Market.




Yep, Ain't It Cool, Harry?


Central Market, I mean.

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damien mandola

eddie wilson

marc katz

virginia wood

larry butler and carol ann sayles

carole keeton "grandma" strayhorn :) [one of her ex-husbands owned the farmer's market on burnet at one time]


[i ain't sayin' that somone on my list is necessarily a great chef, but connected in some fashion to the food/restaurant biz and recognizable seems to be your criteria]


and I wish I recognized Marion Gilchrist, because I treasure her restaurant

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I thought y'all knew I go to Colorado in the summer, although having to leave my significant other does add a bit of a twist.


Unfortunately, his Dad passed away on Thursday so I'm going to Martha's Vineyard for the funeral. The logistics are amazing--you really have to want to get there--first fly to Boston, then take a bus to Woods Hole, then take a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. It's going to be a very, very long day.

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