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Painting Wood Furniture

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I bought a wooden stool from Ikea and I'm dying, DYING to paint it. But in the little paper directions, it says (in pictures of course and who knows, they could be saying don't drink paint) don't paint the stool. Are they just being overly cautious to avoid a crazy lawsuit? I can't for the life of me see a reason why it could be dangerous.

it's probably made of paperboard or a sawdust composite. if you still dare to do it, i'd suggest a light spray with liquid sandpaper instead of actual sanding and spraying with waterproof or acrylic paint. latex will melt that stool like it's a wicked witch of some compass point

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it really needs to be grease-free, as you need the new outer layer of paint to completely adhere to the currently visible soon to be inner layer.

(what you don't want to have happen is for the outer paint to chip and let the lower paint to show through.)

it's even worse though -- if you do this wrong then more paint on top won't help -- you'll have to strip the whole thing.


what i'd suggest is that you at least abrade the old paint on the cabinet with some light sandpaper -- this will give the new paint a more adherent surface. and then clean it with detergent. or is it the other way around, clean with detergent and then abrade with sandpaper?

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